From way back in 1996:



Those Pages was written by Dr. Tan Tin Wee in Singapore for My Magazines then The web pages was taken over by myself when I got my own domain and web site. Those Pages was upgraded to HTML 3.0 code on 8/24/95.

Dr. Tan Tin Wee
(sorry, no picture of himself in file, will get his picture soon!)
He is the one who originally wrote the html pages for me before taking over the pages when I got the new domain for my Magazine.

Mr. Nathan Robert Prugh

I am the editor and System Administrator for Deaf Magazine. I am at a Unix Console where the Deaf Magazine is!

I rewrote those pages to be at HTML 3.0 Standard

Special Thanks to:

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jonathan Mazinter, George D. Wood and Stephen Shearin of GetNet. Those are the guys who started  GetNet International, Inc and They provided a home for the web site, gopher site, and way to mail out the magazine to the listserv. Thank you guys!

Jamie Clark, President of Clark Internet Services, Inc (DEAF OWNED COMPANY)
(sorry, I dont have his picture on file, will get it soon!)

Thank you Jamie for proving Anonymous ftp and listserv for the deaf Magazine. I appreciate it!

THANK YOU AT&T; for Sponsoring The Web Pages and The Deaf Magazine. I know  that MR. Alexander Graham Bell will be proud in the heaven that AT&T; is sponsoring this page! :-)

Thank you Dr. Wee, Jamie, Stephen, George, Jonathan and AT&T; to make  my magazine possible to be on the Internet! :-)